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A 96 pin string art pin for everyone!

Photo of a Stringading Ring Mini

You only need the color guide if you want to string one of our templates

The ring mini is a perfect jumping off point into string art. The ring mini has large gaps between it's been which can help anyone get used to weaving thread around the pins. The lower number of pins also helps keep the templates simple! The ring mini is the only ring that we recommend for thicker threads like hemp cord and twine because the large gaps can hold a lot of cord.


The ring mini also shares the same number of pins as a ring micro, which means templates can be shared between the two frames.

The ring mini, like the regular ring, has an interchangeable frame. If you don't like your frame, you can change it to something different. You can make multiple frames for different occasions and times of the year.

Basic Instructions

Althought the follow instructions are for the smaller ring micro, the same principles about starting and selecting thread apply to the ring mini. It is also possible to turn the ring mini into a photo frame project just like the micro. Please read these instructions first.

Getting Started

You'll always want to tie your thread to the pin at green 1-1 first, unless instructions tell you otherwise which is very rare.

Our Favorite Designs

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