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It's small, but it still has 96 pins!

The ring micro is perfectly sized as a gift, a Christmas ornament, or small desk art. It still has the same 96 pins as the ring mini, which means the same templates can work in both rings. Ring micros can double as fancy business cards, marketing gifts, and more. Unlike the other frames, we manufacture ring micros entirely in Wood PLA with their frame directly attached. This allows for fun frames like the thread wrapped ones below. There's still plenty of room for fancy thread art.

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We use threads to secure the photo in place. All of these were made in less than hour, which makes them a super quick, yet worthy craftable gift.

Ring micro's are also available in different styles of plastic. You will want to check out all the colors that we currently have in stock!

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If you've got a group of crafters getting together, then these make for the best ring for short group crafts. Get some colorful crochet or embroidery thread and have at it. We can produce these with small crochet thread samples attached to them as well.